Lab Report: Samsung SGH-i607 _ Darya Dubouskaya

Title: Discovered inside components of Samsung SGH-i607

Objective: I’m going to review all inside components of Samsung SGH and to make a full description of it.

Materials: smartphone Samsung SGH-i607, Camera Phone, Screwdriver, spudger.

Methods: To review components of Samsung SGH I will take apart it using screwdriver and spudger. At first I taking off back case by pushing it down. Now I see there a Battery and a port for Sim Card. Taking off battery and twisting off 6 screws to open back part of the phone body. Two of this screws on a top were under two rubbers. To fully open back case I unplugging a chip .  Now, when I opened a case, we can see the Circuit board. Then I twisting off 2 screws on a Circuit board to separate it from front part of a phone case. I’m taking off buttons for power, volume and also return button from case. Also I unscrewing 2 screws on a back part for sensor next to camera. Now when we can see all components apart we starting to discuss all of them and try to find where they were made. 


– 6 screws to open back case
– 2 rubbers that locking 2 screws on a top of a back case
– 1 Circuit board
– 4 on Scroll on the Circuit board
– 2 screws on a Circuit Board
– 2 screws for bottom Microphone
– 2 on back case for Sensor next to Camera









I saw all inside components of Samsung SGH-i607 and how they all connected.

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