Matthew Soto Journal Entry # 1

Title: My job for this assignment was to takes notes and examine the UMAX Astra Pix 670 camera in order to form a hypothesis on what components are in the camera as well as the purpose to the design of the camera.

Objective: My goal for this assignment is further understand the purpose of a technology’s design and to further understand different components asa well as their functions.and how those functions work with other components in order for the camera to work.

Materials: 1 notebook, 1 pen, 1 UMAX Astra Pix 670

Method: Examined the Camera from angle and then wrote notes about what I found on the outside of the camera in order to come up with a hypothesis as to the interior components used and the design within the camera.


Brand: UMAX

Model: AstraPix 670


Camera Type: Digital

Pixel: 3.3 mega pixel

Storage: 16mb Internal storage

Battery: AA

Weight: .4lbs

Width: 4.3in

Depth: 1.4in

Height 2.5in

Lens: 3x optical zoom

Mm: 3.7-16.3mm

-Contains actuators such as Flash LEDs, Button

-Contains built in microphone and TV outputs

Results: After examine the camera my group and I learned that this camera was developed as a quick ways to use camera that is great on the go because it runs on AA batteries which mean it was very easy to switch and find batteries for the camera. Other reason why this camera was good for on the go was the fact that it had only two camera setting, a video camera setting, and a media playback.


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