Juan Correa Individual Lab Report on Aiptek 720p HD

Objective : I will collect and organize the data discovered by the by the team during our analysis of the camcorder. I will also add to the data my own discoveries on the device as well.

Methods: Conduct a visual inspection and manual inspection we will describe and speculate what features the camera possibly has. I will document the findings a we inspect the camcorder in my laptop. I will use the internet to find a manual for download if available. We will also ask Prof. Baker any questions we have on the camcorder.

Materials: Camcorder, Iphone Camera, HP Laptop, Manual (PDF), Notebook and Pencil, Flex Tape Measure, Internet, Prof. Baker =-)

Results: We were able to collect a very helpful amount of data on the camcorder. We sorted it out by actuators, sensors, Inputs/Outputs and dimensions. You may find the data by clicking on the following link: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/pcomp/2014/09/04/aiptek-720p-hd-camcorder-analysis/

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