Week 16 post

It’s a wrap… Overall I’d say we were successful with our project. There were a few goals that we have not yet reached; however with more time I’m confident that the end results will net all that we set out to do…. With the time frame allotted and the difficulty of the sub assembly we accomplished a functioning prototype; which runs and operates without constant assistance.  It has a brain!!! We believe that it is not yet sea worthy but it will be in the future, with more work. I’m happy that we were able to come together as a team the get this project to this point. Good work!

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  1. michaelp85 says:

    I agree the scope of our project may have been a bit much for the length of time we actually had to complete it. I do believe we got really far and aside from testing it in water, I feel we go to a point where we can say it is a success.

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