Week 16 journal

did i say the fecal matter has hit the fan i meant everything that you wouldn’t want to hit a fan has hit it. the second remote is not syncing up with the quadcopter. we are royally destroyed. forget autonomy we gotta get this thing moving again. new plan is getting it to move its little rotors with the arduino and a super delay blink program. oh it get better while trying to get the annoying L.E.D’s off i pulled of a rotor. i couldn’t get it back in so i lube…ripped the cables out put the rotor back on and took the lines directly from the servo motor.

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  1. michaelp85 says:

    Welcome to 90% of projects in our world….Nothing ever works and it may only work after everything has stopped working. Don’t let the catastrophic failures you have experienced get you down. It is a way to learn and you still have a way to move forward

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