Week 11 Journal Entry

I’m having trouble figuring out how to use the IR proximity sensor data to control RGB LED lights. I can’t find a tutorial or example that resembles this. I’m also searching to see the easiest way without destroying the bunny to link the ears to a single servo to make it flap. This also needs to be looked in further, how will we make the ears flop with the arduino? questions questions questions. The idea to make the bunny jump involves major surgery and extensive research, the thing is just not that simple. It’s not easy to coordinate the bunny to jump, and maintain a fixed position. I’ll have to build a skeleton and the actual rabbit would not work for the experiment. The idea was interesting but I didn’t realize this was not a toy, it’s more like a robot, most things walk, roll, and crawl, but none jump. Not enough experience, knowledge, time, and resources to pull something like that. Yaro you can relax now. Check this video out so you can understand better my point.


That said, I have to go back to my original idea of making the RGB LED respond to the IR sensor so far this is all I’ve found




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  1. Yaro says:

    Jorge, don’t worry about servo. We can use two of them, one for each ear. I already have two micro servos, they are very small and don’t need lots of power. I think one 9V battery will be enough for the entire system (Arduino+Wave Shield+2 micro servos+2 LEDs).

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