Lab Servos and Knobs

Objective: To control a servo meters speed by using a potentiometer and spinning a knob too control the direction of the servo meter.


–       Arduino Board

–       (1) Servo Motor

–       (1) Potentiometer

–       Hook-up wire


-First I connected the Arduino to my computer and corrected the settings on my computer to fit my specific Arduino Board.

-Then to assure I configured everything correctly, I ran the blink example from my computer to the board and it worked.

-After that was successful I then wired in the Potentiometer.

-After we plugged in everything the servomotor begin to just randomly spin out of control and it was not in reaction to us spinning the knob. So we went through the arduino website to try to look for some help. We were unsuccessful but then we remembered professor Bakers strategy on seeing if there’s any inputs and outputs for what your doing. Then we loaded up the serial monitor and saw there weren’t any outputs coming thru. So we went through the Knob example and made a few changes and everything started working correctly and the servomotor started moving in reaction to the spinning of the knob.


Conclusion: The lab was successful, we got everything to work although we had obstacles we went back to our roots/notes and found a solution.


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