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Journal 14

At this point, my group has everything we need in terms of physical parts except for one LED strip. The company sent us a(n) LED strip that looked used. When we got the Led strip it had black ashes on … Continue reading

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Week 12- Project Update

This week my group is finishing up getting all of the parts for our project. I have obtained an external battery that I got from amazon and its 15600 mah. This battery came with multiple usb cables to fit many … Continue reading

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Lab Servos and Knobs

Objective: To control a servo meters speed by using a potentiometer and spinning a knob too control the direction of the servo meter. Materials: –       Arduino Board –       (1) Servo Motor –       (1) Potentiometer –       Hook-up wire Procedure: -First I … Continue reading

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Team Role: Next Step

In the group that i have chosen to join we are taking on a LED project. We plan to make clothing pop out with LED lights. My group has agreed to use a sweater/jacket in this project and we all … Continue reading

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