Proposal for Final Project (Rough Draft) by Frank Mason

This is the design template that I will be working with in accordance with my final project. However, I will attempt to implement my ideas into my version. It is an Arduino based DIY open source Game Boy with its own CPU, a customizable Inputshield, vibrating controller / button component (for right or left-handed people, AWESOME!),  a TouchShield Stealth OLED display unit, and MeCap lithium battery pack.

For my final project, I will attempt to create an open source portable gaming device, much like a Game Boy, Nintendo DS or PS Vita. It will posses features resembling those devices such that it will most likely have four buttons for input, an analog stick or D-Pad, a start and select button and a monitor to display the contents of the game. This is the basic setup for the use of the device.

Next, I will attempt to incorporate motion controls as well as voice commands into the system. The point of this project is that throughout the time of portable gaming consoles, not much advancement has been made except for using LCD and LED screens and using 3D. However, home consoles such as the PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii & Wii U, and Xbox 360 have become an all in one home media center. And even though certain portable consoles (mainly Sony) such as the PSP and PS Vita have made attempts to become what home consoles, they have not been a significant factor in becoming that all-in-on gaming device.

My goal for this project is to inspire new ideas and bring to life conventions, techniques, and concepts from other consoles and turn it all into a portable device. To be concise, imagine being to play your favorite games from Nintendo or PlayStation such as Super Mario World or Crash Bandicoot and being able to play that game with voice commands and motion controls, on the bus or in a train, not the best places to reference but I think you get the point. I personally believe that it could change the perception of the limitations of these handheld devices. Plus, I would really like to try these ideas and see if they could be worthwhile in a practical sense since I have not seen anyone else that I know of attempt to create a portable console with these peripherals. And I will not know if it can be a success until I try.

These links will help you to understand what I am trying to achieve, but with the addition of my ideas:

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  1. Students posting rough drafts, well before deadlines = happy professor. Excellent.

    One way you could make this work is that some of the arduinos can emualte USB HID devices, you could build a mockup of your physical layout of the device, with all the buttons and such that runs through the arduino to a computer running MAME or some other emulator. Valve’s new steam controller design might be something to look at for ideas:

    Another area to explore would be electrophysiology based sensors like heart rate, blood oxygenation (pretty easy even though it sounds complicated) or electromyography. Mike is interested in electromyography for game control purposes, inspired by this :

    You two should talk, there might be ways to combine your project ideas into one.

    Great to see you getting your ideas together early. We’ll talk more about ideas in class on thursday. Keep up the good work!

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