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Game Reserve- Mashatu in Botswana


Recognised as a prime game viewing area, the Savuti (also spelt Savute), covers almost 1,930 sq. miles (5,000 square km) in the south west of Chobe National Park.

路 Elephants of every size in large numbers
路 Good chance of seeing leopards, lion and cheetah
路 Mashatu offers mountain biking, horse riding, walking and game drives
路 Night drives reveal rare nocturnal animals
路 Eagles and eagle owls
路 Strange-looking ground hornbill
路 Unique geology with unusual rocky outcrops

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alley pond park!
alley pond in 67th Avenue, Queens, NY 11364.
Alley Pond Park Adventure Course is a challenge or ropes course, featuring both low鈥 and high鈥搑opes course activities that promote teambuilding and problem鈥搒olving skills. The Adventure Course provides challenges and excitement for groups or individuals as they work through physically and intellectually demanding situations. The course is fully accessible; there are activities for all ages and all physical abilities.