Adventure Recreation

There are amazing things to do around the world. Find something and post it!

Due 4/23

4 thoughts on “Adventure Recreation

  1. Abel Hernandez

    I found this video and this is something i would really like to do!! I couldn’t find out where this was filmed but it looks like the grand canyon.

    I also found thins new sport in the water. It’s called a Hoverboard and this video was filmed near Cancun, Mexico but I found out that as this sport is becoming more and more popular, it is now something you can do in Miami and Puerto Rico!

  2. Andralee Davidson

    Deep Sea Diving in Indian Waters.

    The Indian Ocean captivates a beautiful display scenery within its waters. The video is breath taking. This is something I would like to try.

    DEEP BLUE Maldives | Scuba Diving Teaser … – YouTube

  3. Tracy Pettway

    Canada, Calgary
    The park I have selected is the Canada Olympic Park in Alberta, the track that is used for sledding was also once used by athletes in 1988 during the winter games. The term sledding refers to traveling down a snowy hill using a sled that has a flexible flyer with wooden slats and metals runners. It’s usually done during the winter. The activity has been known to exist as fringe recreational activity.

  4. hongki

    Arenal Gravity Falls Waterfall Jumping in Costa Rica

    Start off with a heart-pumping rappel down an impressive 80-ft tropical waterfall. You will drop into a large, deep pool of incredibly crystal-clear water and have a chance to swim your way onto shore. Also, this adventure include hiking. You will hike through the rain-forest to where you will reach a continuous series of waterfalls and cliffs. Then, you will jump off 10 to 30-ft waterfalls and cliffs into the deep canyon pools. These sound so exciting and fun!

    Below is the YouTube video link, welcome to click it and enjoy!


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