Food at Mercedes Benz Superdome

Mercedes-Benz Superdome
The home of the New Orleans Saints. The Superdome is home to multiple concession stands and restaurants that serve a large array of munchies for everyone to enjoy. And with New Orleans already being a culinary hot spot, its no surprise that guests going to watch a game can enjoy delicious concession stand treats like gumbo, jambalaya, seafood nachos, and po’boys at a game. And for the adventurous, alligator sausage is also on the menu at the Superdome.

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  1. ramiro

    Ramiro Peregrina
    Parks and recreation
    Final project

    All around New York there are beautiful parks with huge empty spaces for example right across the street from prospect park there is Catton park that has about eight open fields, a play ground, as well as twelve weather controlled tennis courts. But what I am going to explain and demonstrate is all on the empty grass fields. It’s the spectacular game of soccer that has the simple rules and least equipment to play but can be a lot of fun.
    Soccer was started in different parts of the world about 2000 years ago from china to Mexico mostly with just kicking a leather ball or a ball covered in animal fur. But the British are the ones that get credit for transitioning it to the sport that it is today. Over the years there have been rule changes and new rules add for example the no hand touching or tripping were among the first set of rules and in 1981 the penalty kick was added.

    There is four catergories the forwards are the stars of a team. They are the ones that most often put the points on the board. They are the there to score. Then come the midfielders that are helping both the defense and the offense. In defense they are the first line of defense. In the offense they are there to support the forward players. Then come defenders, defenders are what they sound like there sole purpose is to prevent other team from scoring. Last but real important is the goalkeeper he is the last line of defense.
    what I love about this game is that you do not need much to play the game.
    Like in the picture all you need is a soccer ball, cleats and yourself. The jersey is needed to differenceate the two teams playing and right under the socks are shin gaurds so when some one slide tackles you don’t get to badly hurt. And to know who scores a net is needed. And of course the field.

    All over the city there are soccer field and more likely then not there is also league in those parks that are usually a bunch of friends that start it and others are attracted so come and join. For example In Caton park every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in the spring and summer there is a soccer club that plays that is called the sunrise fc and all they ask is to be safe and to donate whenever you come and play so they can wash jerseys that they provide a first aid kit that they have just incase anyone gets hurt and all other equipment like the goals and soccer balls. Ive gone to play with they and they have all been real friendly and show me how to see what my opponent is most likely going to do next. Another plus about this is that they have a mix of players from expirenced players to first timers like myself.
    So go out to nearest park with a soccer ball and just be friendly and odds are is that you will get a pretty good group and make your own club.


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