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  1. Madellyne

    We learned about different kinds of adventure recreation. If I could open up a business I would definitely open up a deep sea diving facility. Andralee spoke about deep sea diving in indian waters and I think it is a wonderful idea. I would invest in equipment and eventually make enough revenue to purchase more. I would definitely want to open up my business anywhere that tourist go to visit. When tourist are in a different country they love deep sea diving or scuba diving. If I wanted to compete for visitors to my amusement park I would definitely make sure it is located very far from any amusement parks. One thing I dislike about amusement parks is waiting on line to get on rids and it ends up being a disappointment. I would definitely make sure activities are happening while guest are on the line and definitely make sure the ride is worth it. I would make sure I have the best of the best as my staff because I don’t want my amusement park to be average. I would also have decent prices for food and beverage because guest will not think twice about returning if the rides, service and prices are amazing. I have many suggestions for the New York Football Club stadium about their food establishments. I would definitely not have just one food establishment. I feel if there are small food companies in the stadium the food quality would be better. We spoke a lot about food quality in class and everyone had a very strong opinion about it. If there are smaller restaurants that are evaluated every six months to make sure the food quality is the same. When a restaurant first opens the food is amazing and as time passes by it is a total disappointment so with this 6 month evaluation everyone will stay on their tip toes about food quality. As a leader and from my perspective it is tough to hear criticisms from people and organizations who feel reserves and or zoos are bad for animals. I would not let any criticisms get to me because I know that I am doing everything I can to save the animals. I would have critics come and inspect everything we do and our daily routines to reassure them of the great job we are doing. During the semester we spoke a lot about open space and parks. It takes so much effort to keep a park open to the public. In order for a park to be successful we need to make sure someone is maintaining it and keeping it in tip top shape. The most interesting thing I learned about a park is the actual history. The park that caught my attention was Bryant park because before it was a park it was a grave yard and then a place for prostitution and drugs. The trips I went on during the semester definitely opened up my eyes and I saw many things as a tourist. Even though I live in NY there are many things I have not seen and a great example is all the performances that are done inside the park. Preparing small little tours to small parks can be a very good idea for tourist. Visiting Belmont Race Track was such an amazing experience because I have never seen something so massive in person ever in my life. They do face a very big problem but it is an advantage in my eyes. The management only works one weekend of the year and they constantly move their office. I feel like this is an advantage because they are not settled in the same place. My role would definitely be in sales or presenting the location to guest who want to visit the race track. When we took a picture by the Arch in grand army plaza and I started to do this assignment I realized how amazed a tourist would be by this grand arch. A tourist wouldn’t really know about the arch until they read the little plaque on the floor but once they read it they will understand what it’s about.

  2. ramiro

    Final exam
    Ramiro Peregrina
    I would want to do under water scuba diving in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean because as one of my classmates showed how beautiful it is and I would want to help people discover new under water creatures. I think these are good locations because there are so much under water life, the temperature is great and warm so a lot of different species are around the area. The hardest thing to do is get tourist because im pretty sure I wouldn’t be the only one offering this in these two locations. So I would give locals a really good discount so then they can advertise due to word of mouth and most likely not charge much on equipment use for the tourist.
    A. getting to the location. Making it easy to get to
    B. have a signature ride
    C. good staff that welcome guest properly

    I would create a menu of food that is easy and fast to make so on game day morning I would have fresh ingredients that are easy to prep for the stands. So in the stadium there would be the usual fast food item like hot dogs, pretzels, and fries but would also have healthier chooses and vegetarian as well because these are big trends in NYC now to stay fit and healthy.
    If I owned a game reserve I would want a small selection of endangered or rare species so they can have more room to build as close as there habitat as possible so then I could reassure the public that we do as much as we can to keep the species we have to continue to live in the wild but on reserves. So I would want to promote that we still let the carnivores hunt so they don’t loose that beastly instinct but also have them on a diet to increase life expectancy.
    What keeps parks going is the volunteers with out them a lot of our parks would be forgotten. I think that success for a part is that it is used to the max and with something always going on there. A important thing that I learned was that volunteer work in the city’s are a must have I thought the city made enough money to maintain the parks alive.
    I learned so many more things about the city in the group projects even though I’ve been to union square tons of times I didn’t know what anything meant so it helped me appreciate more of what our founding fathers did for us and all the countless battles they went through to make this country outstanding. In the solo project I found a new outlet for myself. It never occurred to me that there were clubs in the city I thought that you need a large group of friends to have a full match, which is something I don’t have.
    I am a Mexican tourist and seeing the monuments I would see that the one in grand army plaza show for history of this country but have it also emerges with other country’s designs. Especially both Washington square part that has a French feel to it but has American history on it.

  3. N.Ivanov

    1. I would open Gravity Falls Waterfall Jumping like my classmate Ki. The waterfall was in Costa Rica but I will open one somewhere in USA. Most likely an area that has mountains and river going through it and that is as close as possible to a populated area so that more clientele can visit. I would get tourist and guests there by marketing in online and in adventurous and educational magazines such as National Geographic. I will have a bus crew to take the clients and tourist to the destination.

    2. If I want to compete for visitors to amusement parks I will have the following 4 things done. First one will be marketing. I will make sure to market it to my target market and not waste the department time on attracting other clients. Second, making sure to follow-up on my decision. Third, have an educated and trained staff to satisfy all guest needs. Fourth, making sure that all the rides of my park are properly working and in a safe condition.

    3. All the choices will be healthier. Even though it is called fast food the choices and the ingredients that will be used will be higher class in order to satisfy the customers.

    4. I would explain that the animal’s safety is #1 priority. I will show that the working and training conditions for our animals is safe and that there is no reason to criticize. In addition, I will allow full control on our animals and 24/7 supervision.

    5. For local parks it is necessary to have volunteers in order to keep them going and make the parks successful. I believe that “success” for a park is when it is properly maintained, clean, organized, free of crime (enjoyable for all ages). The most interesting thing that I learned about is that before Bryant Park was a cemetery. That really shocked me.

    6. I learned many new things such as the above mentioned about Bryant Park. I learned new other facts about parks in New York. I also learned how to play checkers. I was not aware how to play the game or what was its history. Now I know that is one of the oldest games that humankind knows of and that the rules are pretty simple as I demonstrated it in a class video. I did see NYC from the tourist eyes and I believe that the city is very tourist friendly since there are a lot of sign all over the parks and attractions to help the tourist to navigate better. That is how we create better experiences for those that visit the city.

    7. I was not able to hear the management challenges that they face at the Belmont Racepark since of the time limit that I was there because of another trip. However, I see myself as a horse-race bidder there. I would love to bid on these horses if I had the money.

    8. We visited the arch on 5th ave, grand army plaza, Brooklyn Public Library, Washington Square park. The difference between them is that they all have a different feel for the tourists. All of them has a significant historical background that makes each one of them unique.


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