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alley pond park!
alley pond in 67th Avenue, Queens, NY 11364.
Alley Pond Park Adventure Course is a challenge or ropes course, featuring both low– and high–ropes course activities that promote teambuilding and problem–solving skills. The Adventure Course provides challenges and excitement for groups or individuals as they work through physically and intellectually demanding situations. The course is fully accessible; there are activities for all ages and all physical abilities.

Amusement park ! 2

Tokyo Dome City is an entertainment, shopping, and amusements attraction in Tokyo. Part of the Tokyo Dome City is an amusement park featuring a collection of exciting rides and thrilling roller coasters. In 2003, Tokyo Dome City attractions expanded by adding an area called LaQua.

There best ride is the Thunder Dolphin’ (¥1030), a roller coaster, that cuts a heart-in-your-throat course in and around the tightly packed buildings of downtown.