On the street of Paris June 15

Today, for the first time since I have been in this country, I venture out on my own to explore this beautiful place.  I decided to visit The Palais du Louvre to have a closer look at its artwork and the history of one of the places of interest in Paris.  Unfortunately, I could not enter the museum, however,  the architecture on this museum was truly amazing.  Before this grand place became the museum we know today it was once a palace where kings like King Phillipe Auguste, Francis I, Henry IV and Louis XIV once lived.

Although I was unable to visit the artwork on the inside I found that the outside sculptures, the many arches and the detail on this museum are very unique and done to perfection.  After 800 years you would think that they would be some form of aging but these monuments are here to last.

After visiting the museum I proceed to go into the  Tuileries Garden which is linked to the Louvre, this was ordered by Henry Iv.  This garden is also a work of art with eighteen sections, and in each section, there are sculptures. Each one has its own story to tell.  With the trees all cut in a uniform fashion, they are tranquility about this location that make you want to stay.  many chairs are placed around what they called a Basin with large fountains.  There are four restaurants in the garden in a certain area and found it interesting that the waiters although in a casual setting still was dress as if they were serving in a fine dining restaurant and with flair.  Benches placed under the trees so you can rest from the heat of the day.  Most individuals decided to rest near the ponds and just watch the ducks swam.

I enjoy this venture and  I continue to walk and found myself right in front of the Concorde Monument. I was fascinated with the sculpture and once again the detail on it.  After taking some pictures of this work of art, i made my way to Petite Palace where I view some of its artwork as well.  I think was impress me the most was the ceiling . for a building so tall how did the artist able to paint a work of beauty. so perfect. These artists did not have the technology that we have today yet there was able to create these items and paint that last more than a lifetime.

Paris is not only about its cuisine, for what I have seen so far it about history, art, and passion. Although it has some shortcoming it is very rich in its culture and beauty.

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