Pullmans Hotel Tour

side view of the Pullman hotel

Cour St. Emillion Station

Today, the TAIWSP students went on a hotel tour with Professor Pericles. The students met in the hotel lobby at 1:15 as we all gathered to head to the train station. Traveling from the 13-line to Siant Lazare then transferred at the 14 train to Cour St. Emillion and met up with Professor Zinder.  Heading to the hotel was approximately 6 minutes of walking distance passing by a Bercy village that attracted many tourists. The streets were surrounded by colorful balloons and plenty of outdoor seating that attracted locals and tourists. There is various type of Cuisines such as Japanese, Italian, French and American.

Bercy Village

During our arrival, Sonia the event manager and Agnieszka the coordinator was representing the Accor hotel resorts. Sonia explained the recently renovated lobby. There was a private cinema, gym, open bar, and the convention area. Unfortunately, the pool was closed down due to a fire incident, it is still renovating. There are 131 hotels worldwide in 100 countries. The architectural designer Tom Dickson created a concept like a wine cellar. The curtains were green, the chairs were shaped like a barrel, the walls were the cork.

Agnieszka and Sonia

waiting area

bar and restaurant

It was a good exercise to walk the stairs to tour the classic, deluxe, and superior rooms. The family rooms were quite interesting since there are connecting doors to access two rooms. The design of each room had a similar style with an earthy vibe. The staffs had bright and positive energy given most Parisian don’t smile much. I would love to stay at the Pullman Hotel when I come back to visit Paris!



Meeting Space

mini Shopping area






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