Third Day of Culinary and Baking Classes

Today is our third day of lab classes. The RER train was delayed in this morning and we couldn’t take the bus to the Saint Pierre. We walked to the college from the Brunoy station for 20 minutes. The college stands on the hill, so it was like a hiking. Once we got to the lab room, we started to cook as always we split into group A and B.

Hiking to the school


Group A

The group A prepared the dessert which is White Chocolate with Pecan Tartlets.

Pâte Brisée for Pecan Tartlets

Pecan Tartlets

Group B

The group B cooked Toast with Red Mullet Pates and Egg Salad for appetizer and Fillet of Duck with Pear Cooked in Wine and Croquettes Potatoes for entrée.

Croquettes Potatoes

Duck meat



Everyone was satisfied with today’s meal especially fillet of duck! It was tasty. Tomorrow is our last day of culinary and baking class. I hope we will enjoy the last class.

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