Grant Writing

  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) Bridges to Baccalaureate Program Grant
    Prof Liana Tsenova, PI | (# R25 Gm102793-1A1), funded at $1.2M in September 2014.
    Role: Grant Preparation/Senior Personnel | 2014-2018
    This project is conducted in partnership with Brooklyn College. The goal is to facilitate a smooth transition from associate-level to baccalaureate study for students interested in pursuing advance study and careers in the biomedical sciences. Mentoring, research experiences, and profession exposure are primary features.
    Pre-Award Activities: Provided conceptual and theoretical recommendations for second submission proposal. Post-Award Activities: Research mentor and STRIDE Coordinator.
  • NSF NOYCE Scholars: “Noyce Explorers, Scholars, Teachers (NEST): Fostering the Creation of Exceptional Mathematics and Technology Teachers in New York City,” Fangyan Shen, PI 2014-2018 (#1340007), funded at $1.4M in August 2013.
    Role: Grant Writer | 2012-2013
    This is a five-year partnership program with Borough of Manhattan Community College that is intended to prepare and credential a total of 20 new well-qualified STEM teachers and create a new STEM teacher preparation pathway for NYC schools.
    Pre-Award Activities: Worked closely with P.I. Fangyan Shen and Co-P.I. Andrew Douglas for both Round 1 and 2 submissions to develop and articulate a comprehensive logic model for the project in collaboration with the external evaluation which was pivotal in NSF’s decision to fund the proposal.
  • NSF ADVANCE IT: “Implementing an Architecture of Inclusion at a Diverse Urban Public College of Technology,” Provost Bonne August, PI. Budget request $3.4M, submitted November 2013, declined.
    Role: Grant Writer, Co-PI | 2011-2013
    Activities: Took the leadership role as Co-PI and assumed responsibility of writing the whole document, receiving input from five workgroups and consolidating to a single coherent proposal. Liaised with external evaluator, Lisa Frehil, on the design of an evaluation plan for complex five-year institutional transformation project. Designed the required major research component of the project using psychosocial theory of Intersectionality and self-efficacy.
  • NSF CE21-BPEC: “An Early College Partnership to Strengthen the Participation and Success of African-American and Hispanic Students and Women in Computing,” Huseyin Yuce, PI. Budget request $449K, submitted April 2014, declined.
    Role: Grant Writer, Co-PI | 2013-2014
    Activities: Worked closely with Co-PIs to implement the Exploring Computer Science (ECS) program, a model computing curriculum developed at UCLA, as the intellectual and pedagogical intervention. I developed a rigorous social science research project to assess the impact of this curriculum within an early college model on students’ sense of agency, self-efficacy and career choice.