Future Teaching Goals

One of the most generally held values at New York City College is that teaching is an important measure for faculty performance. More recently, the 2014-2019 Strategic Goal for promoting greater interdisciplinary thinking has led to my collaboration with Prof. Sean MacDonald from Economics on creating an interdisciplinary research methods course (Course code: SBS 2000) to commence in Fall 2015. I have already worked well with Prof. MacDonald this past year when I gave several interdisciplinary talks in her Environmental Economics course, titled, The Psychological Underpinnings of Promoting Economically Sustainable Behaviors. I want to continue to enhance students’ interdisciplinary perspectives by including more assignments and projects that connect them with community issues and groups in Brooklyn and NYC metropolitan area. This has worked well in my Research Methods in Social and Behavioral Science course. I will also continue to make available technology and personal scholarship into courses where appropriate. My formative and summative assessments for critical reflection has been a useful tool that I will continue to refine. As a result of these experiences, I will continually evolve my syllabus and writing assignments to address the challenges diversity of City Tech’s students, and including more High Impact Practices in my teaching.