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  • NIH Bridges the Baccalaureate
    Role: Senior Personnel, STRIDE COORDINATOR | 2015-Present
    Activities: My role in the NIH Bridges to the Baccalaureate program is to serve as Co-web administrator and will also organize training sessions/workshops on usage of the platform for Bridges scholars and faculty mentors.  I liaise and collaborate with the administrators/project manager of the OpenLab to develop the training program for Bridges’ participants. I created an OpenLab site this Spring to help disseminate information and assistant in recruitment. Currently two website designers are working under my direction to develop the City Tech NIH Bridges website to be launched on the Faculty Commons site in next year. The site will be a resource center of digital presentations of faculty mentors research interests/profiles, a multimedia (digital, multimedia presentations of City Tech and Brooklyn College faculty mentors’ research interests/profiles) library of faculty/student research project presentations, to name a few.
  • Professional Development Advisory Council
    Sub-Committee: New Faculty Task Force Orientation | Role: Member | 2012-Present
    Activities: Convened by Julia Jordan, the charge of the committee was to design, facilitate and evaluate a seminar-series to support new faculty in understanding the reappointment process and available resources. Aside from the collective group tasks, I took the leadership to develop an empirical investigation about the effectiveness of the program by creating and analyzing pre-post surveys for evaluation for all three cohorts. I also shared my own PARSE experiences with new Faculty at the Seminar for Full-Time Faculty in Year 1 Reflections and Plans workshop , and Year 2 gave a short presentation on the Task Force’s goals and accomplishments to Chairs Colloquium— Thursday, February 21 and conducted the post-evaluation quantitative and qualitative analyses for the PDAC Membership presentation. For a review of activities see link here.
  • Office of Sponsored Programs Faculty Grants Liaison
    Role: Grant Development Liaison and Writer | 2012-2014
    Activities: Selected for one-year term, and renewed annually until Spring 2014 to act as a liaison for faculty with Office of Sponsored Programs and Grants Sponsored Research and funding agencies. Help faculty find internal and external grant opportunities, locate potential grant collaborators, and apply for grants. Work closely with the Director to conceptualize and execute grant projects with PIs and Co-PIs. During my term, I worked on several grants, two of which were awarded. The first, The City Tech National Science Foundation Noyce Scholarship program Noyce Explorer, Scholar, Teacher (NEST) inaugurated in January 2014 to address the severe local and national challenge of staffing middle and high school classrooms with well-qualified mathematics, science, and computer technology teachers. I conducted the literature review, formulated the conceptual theories and worked closely with the PI to strengthen the proposal in both rounds of submission 2012; 2013 which ultimately led to an award for $1.45 million in funding for the College. I wrote a short summary of the NOYCE program for the Nucleus, Volume 5, Issue 1 to share with the College community. In Fall 2014 I worked on two major institutional grants the NSF ADVANCE Grant, and the NSF BRIDGES to the Baccalaureate proposal which were both due in Fall of October; November. Ultimately, the BRIDGES proposal was successfully awarded and commenced in Fall 2014. Total amount for the award $1.5 million. Please see exhibit for summary of achievements.
  • Undergraduate Research Committee (Arts and Sciences)
    Role: Member | 2009-Present
    Activities: Serve as a member in the Undergraduate Research Committee for City Tech Arts and Sciences to educate and promote effective mentoring. As a member, I collaborate with other faculty members across disciplines to help create and present seminars for faculty and staff interested in learning about and/or developing effective mentoring skills. In Spring 2014 I led the workshop on: Assessment and Tools, and created and distributed two documents for faculty to use when conducting research with students: one for the contract; and the other an application for research. The committee has drafted a mentoring handbook at the culmination of seminars to be used for City Tech faculty and other CUNY campuses Fall 2011; and revised Spring 2014 is near final. In addition, our committee also promotes and creates workshops for students to encourage student-faculty mentoring. Effective mentoring training is important in furthering research productivity within City Tech faculty. Below are seminars that were created, advertised and presented by the Undergraduate Research committee for faculty and students.

Entering the Mentoring Workshop Series: Mentoring-Proven Strategies for Success )

Oct. 18, 2014 Session 1 Mentoring Success
Nov. 14, 2014 Session 2 Characteristics of Effective Mentors and Mentees
Feb. 2, 2014 Session 3 Presentation Strategies
March 27, 2014 Session 4 The Elements of Good Mentoring
April 24, 2014 Session 5 Evaluation and Tools*
May 24, 2014 Session 6 Success and Lessons Learned

* I lead the seminar and prepared the lecture and assignments for this session, along with facilitating discussion during this workshop. 

Faculty Workshops

Entering the Mentoring: A Seminar to Train a New Generation of Mentors

Sept. 23, 2010 Session 1 Getting Started
Oct. 28, 2010 Session 2 Learning to Communicate
Nov. 11, 2010 Session 3 Presentation Strategies
Feb. 24, 2011 Session 6 The Elements of Good Mentoring*
March 17, 2011 Session 7 Evaluating our Progress as Mentors
April 14, 2011 Session 8 Developing a Mentoring Philosophy
May 26 Session 4 & 5 Challenges and Pathways

*I lead the seminar and prepared the lecture and assignments for this session, along with facilitating discussion during this workshop. 


Research Mixers

Oct. 28, 2010 Session 1 Research Mixer Fall 2010
March 17, 2011 Session 2 Research Mixer Spring 2011
December 7, 2011 Session 3 Research Mixer Fall 2011
May 9, 2012 Session 4 Research Mixer Spring 2012
December 2012 Session 5 Research Mixer Fall 2012
May 8, 2013 Session 6 Research Mixer Spring 2013
December 2013 Session 7 Research Mixer Fall 2013
May, 2014 Session 8 Research Mixer Spring 2014
December 2014 Session 9 Research Mixer Fall 2014
May, 2015 Session 10 Research Mixer Spring 2015

The Research Mixer provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to be introduced to research programs and specific research projects across all disciplines by New York City College of Technology faculty .* Our assessments during the mixer allowed us to modify the program to fit student and faculty needs.

Workshop and panel Prsentation

  • 1442961145_voice_presentationPanel Discussions: Women in STEM: Challenges and Triumph
    Organizer, Women in STEM Organizing Committee | Role: Speaker | April 25, 2015
    Activities: Invited to by Janet Liou-Mark to share my challenges and triumph with other STEM faculty at the 2nd Annual Women in STEM Luncheon.
  • Making GenEd Live
    Organizer, Julia Jordan | Role: Speaker | January 22, 2015
    Activities: Invited by Julia Jordan to share the goals and resources of the Undergraduate Research Committee in a round robin discussion on support services available to help implement GEN ED initiatives in our classroom.
  • Evaluating Data and Quantitative Research
    Organizer, Julia Jordan | Role: Speaker | February 20, 2013
    Activities: Co-Presented with Prof. Hillstrom a data workshop using SPSS to City Tech faculty and Staff.
  • Developing Research Questions and Methodologies
    Organizer, Faculty Commons | Role: Speaker | February 21, 2013
    Activities: Co-Presented with Prof. Hillstrom a workshop on evaluation research.
  • C3IRG program: Pedagogical Research Design, A One-Day Grant Writing Workshop
    Organizer, CUNY | Role: Speaker | January 25, 2013
    Activities: One of the six City Tech faculty members invited to present their experience and expertise in pedagogical research design
  • Panel Discussions: IRB
    Organizer, Jean Hillstrom | Role: Speaker | January 25, 2012
    Activities: Invited to meet with Farida Lada the CUNY University Director for Research Compliance to discuss IRB issues and possible methods of increasing greater depth of IRB knowledge for faculty engaging in research here at City Tech.
  • Helping to Guide Not-yet Tenured Faculty
    Organizer, Faculty Commons | Role: Speaker | January 25, 2012
    Activities: One of the six City Tech faculty members invited to present their experience and expertise in pedagogical research design
  • Panel Discussions: PAR_SE_D Process Council on Academic Affairs Faculty Presentations
    Organizer, Faculty Commons| Role: Speaker | September 22, 2011
    Activities: One of the 3 faculty member selected to present their experience with the PAR_SE_D process. I represented the School of Arts and Sciences and provided my thoughts on the PAR_SE process to Counsel on Academic Affairs Faculty.