• Psychology Discipline
    Role: Coordinator | 2014-Present
    Activities: Responsible for scheduling courses and overseeing meetings for the discipline.
  • Psychology Lab Committee
    Role: Member | 2009-Present
    Activities: Serve as a member of the Psychology Lab Committee under the leadership of Professor Hillstrom. Attended meetings and training sessions of physiological equipment training (e.g., MindWare – continuous BP, respiration, HR, GSR, video/audio recording, etc.) that was purchased through the various grants. Our goal is to collaborate on writing grants to support the maintenance and improvement of the Psychology Lab.
  • Website Liaison
    Role: Coordinator | 2013-Present
    Activities: Liaise with website administer to update and archive all necessary documents, proposals, images and relevant information so that current information is available to all Faculty, Staff and students.
  • Noldus Observer XT Specialist
    Role: Coordinator | 2012-Present
    Activities: Receive training to support faculty members whose research can utilize the Noldus Observer XT, a professional event logging software for the collection, analysis, and presentation of observational data.
  • International Consortium for Political and Social Resources (ICPSR) Representative
    Role: Liaison | 2010-Present
    Activities: Serve as ICPSR official representative for City Tech to distribute and promote International Consortium for Political and Social Resources (ICPSR) within the Social Science Department. As the representative, I also collaborate with Monica Berger, (Library Resources) to help promote ICPSR resources, and inquire its usefulness and relevance for other departments within the college. Because ICPSR hosts 16 specialized collections of data in education, aging, criminal justice, substance abuse, terrorism, and other fields which are available to City Tech faculty, staff, etc., distributing and promoting ICPSR is important in furthering research productivity with City Tech faculty. See website link for more information:
  • Departmental Search Committee
    Role: Member | 2013-2014
    Activities: Responsible for reviewing all applicants using quantitative rubric. Assessed the most qualified candidate and made recommendations to the Appointments Committee.
    Sub-Committee: Economics | Role: Member | 2013
    Sub-Committee: Psychology | Role: Member | 2013-2014
  • Research Methods Course Development
    Role: Co-author/Contributor | 2011-2014
    Activities: In collaboration with Prof. Sean Macdonald, Marco Castillo, and Maria Pagano, proposed a new course, Social Science Research Methods (SBS 2000). This course was approved, first course introduced Fall 2014.
  • Program Review of Psychology Discipline
    Role: Member | 2012
    Activities: Collaborated with psychology faculty to write Program Review.
  • Bookstore/BookList Liaison
    Role: Coordinator | 2011-2013
    Activities: Support full-time psychology faculty and adjuncts in complying with federal regulations regarding student textbooks on updating BookList. Monitor Booklists through the CUNY portal prior to the start of each semester to ensure that psychology instructors have completed BookList and ordered textbooks.
  • Curriculum/Course Outline Committee
    Role: Member | 2009-2012
    Activities: Responsible for reviewing course outline and revising outlines as needed.
    PS2302: Psychology | Role: Author | 2012
    PS1100: Psychology | Role: Author | 2012
    PSXXX: Psychology   | Role: Author  | 2010
    PS2301: Psychology | Role: Author | 2009
    PS2302: Psychology | Role: Author | 2009
    PS2303: Psychology | Role: Author | 2009