Rob Ostrom | OL02 | Fall 2021

Homework for Tuesday, 11/16

Write a poem in which you preserve the memory of a place, person, thing… whatever! Title it “Memory Keeper of _____.”
Consider what you would collect as the memory keeper. What smells are in your smell jars? What sounds? Images? Pictures? Voices?

Try to keep it around 14 lines.
Try to avoid the first person “I.”

As always, all rules come second to the muse.

This is similar to the Street Sonnet (which you all crushed) so feel free to borrow/steal from that assignment.


Please read and comment on Chloe’s workshop poem!



  1. hafza ahmed

    Memory Keeper of mother

    A Mothers love is something
    that no one can clarify.
    it’s made out of interminable profound commitment
    What’s more, of penance and agony.
    You had your loves and had your fantasies,
    You watched us go back and forth.
    she is a face brimming with daylight,
    Furthermore, a grin for oneself what not.
    It is patient and pardoning at the point when all others are neglecting,
    What’s more, it never falls flat or vacillates
    despite the fact that the heart is breaking .
    A numerous splendored supernatural occurrence man
    can’t comprehend, What’s more, another wondrous proof
    of God’s delicate directing hand.

  2. Erika

    Memory Keeper of a 90’s Child

    Everything we know came from the Streets.
    Hot summer days, outside, the place to be
    Hanging with friends, Limbers on the corner
    Double Dutch, Red light green light 123
    Running to the store with only a dollar
    Juice, chips, and a handful of 5 cent candies
    Mom screaming, you better come upstairs to eat!
    The smell of sweat and freedom, happy times
    Can’t forget the gunshots ringing out loud
    Run, Hide, wait for 20, coast clear, time to go
    Act like nothing happened, back into action
    Open pump, the water refreshing, weightlifting,
    Cleansing the heart of imperfections
    These types of Memories we shouldn’t forget!

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