Rob Ostrom | OL02 | Fall 2021


Never am I yours wholeheartedly.

You are lost.

Nowhere. Nothing.

Temporary. Inexact. 

A walking corpse; lending yet prohibited. 

Authorizing every spirit,


Every ground closed off far from some actually known out there.

Many closures.

Shut without any meaningless apparitions. 


Without much bluntness.

 Outing their within: hate, considerable oblivion. 

That is

Smiling for another day before them. 

-Tiffany Tromp

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  1. jaeggerpendoley

    Tiffany this is very beautiful! I love the tone of the poem, in a typical conversation the sentence structures might seem odd to others, but in this poem I really really love them! I think you did a great job making a dark theme beautiful!

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