In the small amount of time at WPC I feel like I’ve grown not only as a designer but also as a person. I feel that while I am lucky enough that my supervisor allows me to work on projects that play up my strengths as an Illustrator. She also gives me assignments in basic typographical design as well, which I am not ashamed to say that it happens to be one of my weaker areas in design.

Because this is a professional setting, I adhere to very strict guidelines in terms of communication and deadlines and figuring out the best ways to work on projects with my full attention. I tend to have bad habits during the process of productive work. But I haven’t displayed these tendencies while working for WPC.

Normally, I procrastinate heavily when I don’t like a certain project I’m assigned to or if I don’t feel confident in what I’m doing I avoid it intensely as well until the last minute. Because these assignments are no longer on just my time, I’m much stricter with my deadlines and I’m eager to learn what I don’t know to become a better designer with a well rounded skill set.

I tend to be very hard on myself and deny myself the idea that I’m still learning and that this is only my stepping stone to better things, as long as I allow myself to grow and push myself to do things out of my comfort zone. The work I do a WPC is powerful in the sense that it helps to spread a message of change in society for the unsavory parts of life but also that it’s teaching me that change doesn’t happen overnight, it is a process and I’m learning along the way and changing as long I keep it up and stay motivated. Also it’s just important to take as many breaks needed to stay productive. Nothing good comes from burning myself out, which I tend to do when I leave things up to the last minute.

My time here at Women’s Press Collective is not only helping me create good designing habits but also good attitude toward trying to handle my personal responsibilities in tandem with my professional.