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Check In With Designing Life at WPC (4)

As holiday season arrives closer, the spirit of Christmas has not excluded WPC from its plans. Because for a few specific days in November and December, WPC will be doing their annual gift wrapping table event with Barnes and Noble. It is a sweet event in which volunteers sign up to table at Barnes and Nobles with Women’s Press Collective and wrap the presents the customers have bought at the store for free. This event of course accepts donations of any denomination from the people who wish to donate to WPC but it also gives us a chance to explain to people the mission of WPC and spread our networks by word of mouth.

For this event, we needed really eye-popping sign up lists for people to look at and feel compelled to volunteer for gift wrapping or for talking to the customers about WPC. My project was to create a way for the sign up sheets to be very attractive and cute. By working with limited supplies such as colored card stock and markers, I made lists that I felt would put people in the Christmas spirit.

I will admit that the crafts I did were simple and akin to the projects that you would see in elementary school arts and crafts classes, however that did not make it any less fun and it was a bonding experience for us as my designs for the lists had everyone in the office recalling their sweetest and favorite Christmas traditions. Design isn’t always about elaborate and competitive branding and logos, which I feel that we tend to forget when in the process of design. Sometimes, if a design is simple enough to reach the target audience, that’s how you know whether your design was successful or not

.Designs of the Christmas Lists

Check In With Designing Life at WPC (2)

Flyer for an event that is hosted with WPC

One of the projects I received recently at WPC was right up my alley and in the programs I happen to be the strongest in. The task for this job was to create a flyer for an event that was taking place in in St. Francis College in Brooklyn. The event would be a lecture that speaks about the misrepresentation of Latin America in the media. During this project because it played up my strongest skills, I was very confident in the creative process of this project. 

I primarily used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in tandem to create a consistent design for the flyer. During this process, I explained to my supervisor the reason for my choices as well as the little tips and tricks to create certain images and effects in the programs. The process behind this design enabled me to think about the color choices, the composition and the typography of the poster— how the color relates to the images and the message, the choice of font and how well the layout makes an interesting composition.