One of my projects at WPC required me to work with  a partner on her personal project of creating  a website that was a self started web  zine and also doubled as a  portfolio site for her because she wants to start a career in interface design. This website  was supposed to feature up and coming artists of all mediums and have a user interface that was aesthetically pleasing as well as user friendly. This collaboration was a little hard to manage, since I had to take into consideration that this was dealing with another person’s project, so I had to explain why certain design choices did not work as well as others but she was very stuck in  specific ideas that normally as a client I would just agree with,  but because this would also technically double as her portfolio, I knew that she would eventually need to be aware of certain design elements and how they work with each other. Working so closely with her personality was more difficult than figuring out the site with her, but the site has progressed in a very attractive and functional design. Despite the struggles I felt in working with her, I did gain a method of talking and communicating in a professional way, instead of getting angry or saying anything that may be out of place in a professional setting.