Issues of Collective Endeavor- The main publication of Women's Press Collective

My position here at Women’s Press Collective is considered a design consultant. The reason why I am called that is because of the workflow at WPC,

which is teaching me to partner up with “clients” and explain to them the basic process of how to start designing. This role allows me to not only create design but to teach and present it as well so that I can also review the skills I’ve learned and the process to understand what works and what doesn’t work.

My supervisor’s name is Lisa and her title is Operations Manager, she came up with the partnership process of having me team up with clients and teach them how to operate the basics in the various Adobe programs. This concept was very interesting to me because instead of it becoming the normal relationship between the designer and client, it’s a relationship that allows me to actually fully explain why a specific element in design doesn’t work and to provide alternatives that can teach them an alternative that works for a more functional yet beautiful design.

I found out about WPC through a friend that had previously interned here. She mentioned my name to Lisa and when I called to ask about interning at WPC, I was on the phone with Lisa on the first call. After a brief conversation about what it was that I would be doing at WPC, I was asked if it sounded like a position I would be interested in and I took it in a heartbeat. I was instantly scheduled for an orientation two days later. At the orientation, I was given the extensive history of WPC and how it later became the non profit organization it is today.