The office of WPC

So far my time here at WPC has been so enjoyable. I know that the work culture at WPC contributes to my comfort levels. Since the dress code is pretty lax, I can come and work in easy, breathable clothing such as sweatshirts, which in turn makes it very easy for me to focus on my tasks at hand. I switch my wardrobe up depending on the kind of day it happens to be and that kind of flexibility is great to have, because some days you want to go all out and present your very best and some days it’s more about feeling comfortable with your attire.

The office is in the basement of a residential building. It’s open space with two rooms—one room has all the paperwork and member information while the second room has the kitchen area, bathroom and a large space for the Mac computers. There are wooden bookshelves in both rooms that have the organizations publications, Collective Endeavor and Guide to Patrons, that serves as reference images and information about WPC’s archives.

Lunch is my favorite time during the workday, since typically my supervisor or the supervisor of the day, in case our main supervisor isn’t here, would prepare a lunch for everyone that is always on the healthier side. We have a dining table that is in the larger room and for lunch we would grab a plate, fix our lunch from the options presented for the day and then we would all sit at the table and have casual conversation for an hour. It’s very uplifting because we can all get to know each other in a very informal way that also isn’t intrusive and is respectful of each other’s space. It feels very warm and forms a wonderful feeling of camaraderie, which isn’t a feeling that is often felt in many professional settings. I appreciate the positive energy at WPC and it only encourages me to keep going at full speed and power.