After working professionally with WPC for roughly about 2 and a half months, I feel that I have gained an amazing amount of knowledge and experience in terms of dealing with people in a professional manner. School is considered to be the training ground where you cultivate the skills that you will eventually use in professional settings. An internship provides you with a safety net that allows you to make the initial professional mistakes that are corrected early– especially concerning future professional endeavors so that you’re adequately prepared for beginning your career.   In the time spent at WPC, I’ve learned how to communicate with clients and teach them some of the tips and tools behind designing. I’ve also gained basic phoning skills and the ability to adapt to talking to people on the phone and in person when trying to pitch effectively.  A new routine that took me a bit of time to adjust to is now a routine that I gained confidence in completing and skills that I can utilize when promoting myself and creating a quick pitch on the spot to grab attention. I still have a lot to learn, because that’s what life is about, learning but the more time I spend with WPC the more I know I will pick up skills that will benefit me in the long run.