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Self- Evaluation of My Work

In the small amount of time at WPC I feel like I’ve grown not only as a designer but also as a person. I feel that while I am lucky enough that my supervisor allows me to work on projects that play up my strengths as an Illustrator. She also gives me assignments in basic typographical design as well, which I am not ashamed to say that it happens to be one of my weaker areas in design.

Because this is a professional setting, I adhere to very strict guidelines in terms of communication and deadlines and figuring out the best ways to work on projects with my full attention. I tend to have bad habits during the process of productive work. But I haven’t displayed these tendencies while working for WPC.

Normally, I procrastinate heavily when I don’t like a certain project I’m assigned to or if I don’t feel confident in what I’m doing I avoid it intensely as well until the last minute. Because these assignments are no longer on just my time, I’m much stricter with my deadlines and I’m eager to learn what I don’t know to become a better designer with a well rounded skill set.

I tend to be very hard on myself and deny myself the idea that I’m still learning and that this is only my stepping stone to better things, as long as I allow myself to grow and push myself to do things out of my comfort zone. The work I do a WPC is powerful in the sense that it helps to spread a message of change in society for the unsavory parts of life but also that it’s teaching me that change doesn’t happen overnight, it is a process and I’m learning along the way and changing as long I keep it up and stay motivated. Also it’s just important to take as many breaks needed to stay productive. Nothing good comes from burning myself out, which I tend to do when I leave things up to the last minute.

My time here at Women’s Press Collective is not only helping me create good designing habits but also good attitude toward trying to handle my personal responsibilities in tandem with my professional.

Check In With Designing Life at WPC (4)

As holiday season arrives closer, the spirit of Christmas has not excluded WPC from its plans. Because for a few specific days in November and December, WPC will be doing their annual gift wrapping table event with Barnes and Noble. It is a sweet event in which volunteers sign up to table at Barnes and Nobles with Women’s Press Collective and wrap the presents the customers have bought at the store for free. This event of course accepts donations of any denomination from the people who wish to donate to WPC but it also gives us a chance to explain to people the mission of WPC and spread our networks by word of mouth.

For this event, we needed really eye-popping sign up lists for people to look at and feel compelled to volunteer for gift wrapping or for talking to the customers about WPC. My project was to create a way for the sign up sheets to be very attractive and cute. By working with limited supplies such as colored card stock and markers, I made lists that I felt would put people in the Christmas spirit.

I will admit that the crafts I did were simple and akin to the projects that you would see in elementary school arts and crafts classes, however that did not make it any less fun and it was a bonding experience for us as my designs for the lists had everyone in the office recalling their sweetest and favorite Christmas traditions. Design isn’t always about elaborate and competitive branding and logos, which I feel that we tend to forget when in the process of design. Sometimes, if a design is simple enough to reach the target audience, that’s how you know whether your design was successful or not

.Designs of the Christmas Lists

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At WPC I’m not always learning designing skills or skills pertaining to what I want to do in terms of my long term career goal. Sometimes I’m asked to help with clerical work such as organizing, jotting down notes and filing certain information regarding volunteers at WPC.

I did recently learn how to help out with phoning at WPC and the process of contacting people who signed up to be potential volunteers and financial sponsors.  The way to learning a new skill set is to just be thrown into it but with a firm support to help you feel comfortable and to build the foundation that will later help you to utilize a newly acquired skill. Phoning is an important skill because it allows you to make connections and practice professional interactions with other people as well as help you become more aware of your speech habits when talking.

I learned how to read from a specific pitch tailored for talking to potential volunteers and how to spot adjust, which is being able to improvise the pitch on the spot when the receiver on the other side of the phone may deviate from the predicted responses or how to deal with a person that may speak for longer than expected. There is a term called parity, which explains that a certain number of calls should be made in half an hour because out of 2/3rds of people called only 1/3rd will confirm to the purpose of the call and then they still may not confirm even after that. That is why it is important to achieve a high number of parity- but most importantly, this also shows why it’s important to have a professional and hospitable behavior when dealing with people and networking, because without a trustworthy and intelligent demeanor, people will not agree to helping you out if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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Flyer for an event that is hosted with WPC

One of the projects I received recently at WPC was right up my alley and in the programs I happen to be the strongest in. The task for this job was to create a flyer for an event that was taking place in in St. Francis College in Brooklyn. The event would be a lecture that speaks about the misrepresentation of Latin America in the media. During this project because it played up my strongest skills, I was very confident in the creative process of this project. 

I primarily used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in tandem to create a consistent design for the flyer. During this process, I explained to my supervisor the reason for my choices as well as the little tips and tricks to create certain images and effects in the programs. The process behind this design enabled me to think about the color choices, the composition and the typography of the poster— how the color relates to the images and the message, the choice of font and how well the layout makes an interesting composition.

Check In With Designing Life at WPC

My projects that I received at Women’s Press Collective are related well to activism and bringing attention to the media misrepresentation of countries and events outside of the United States. At Women’s Press Collective we utilize the Adobe Creative Cloud to create content that helps with spreading the political message that people should have a voice to represent the truth in media. Because of this attitude, WPC receives clients that have a strong message that needs equally strong design. 

WPC’s information carries through physical print publications and the predominately used program in the office is Adobe Indesign to create the proper layouts for the publication. As primarily an illustrator, my skillset in Indesign still developing and while I can create very basic layouts, I am not very familiar with the interface of the program. My supervisor comes from a background of art, as she had attended the School of Visual Arts based in NYC and has a very good working knowledge of Indesign. She takes the time to teach me and support me as I work through my understanding of Indesign to make it stronger.

One of the projects that I worked on was editing, proofreading and editing stylesheets for one of the two publications — The Guide to Patrons— which was something I had learned but never really expanded upon. This process was a little tedious and tiring as typographical design is something I am not normally used to creating or editing, but my supervisor walked me through everything and  my skillset in Indesign became a little bit stronger.