Things at the job are going very well. The office is freezing all the time and I have to bring a sweater.  The building I work in is HUGE. It has elevators on both sides, I get on on the left side (floor1-14) and the other side is 15 to I think 30.  The lobby has a little mini store and they’re kind of expensive; I paid $1.25 for water, like really? The quarter was not needed.  Working in downtown Brooklyn, is just like working in the city, blocks are overly crowded and way too much going on.  Anyways, today at work, my supervisor gave me and 2 other interns a project to do.  We basically had to look at an original add and transfer some information to make them all into internet advertisement sizes. We were given 5 different ad sizes; one of the sizes was so small,  I was scared I might put too much information on it.

In school, we had to learn to decipher what information is really necessary, so I did my best narrowing it down.  I sent the files to Anvhar, the intern in charge of collecting all the files, because that’s what my supervisor advised we do when we’re done.  I hope I did well enough.

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