Today was rough, I’ve been coughing and inside of the office freezing all day! Thank goodness they have one of the big water jugs that dispenses hot and cold, I kept making myself tea. My boss asked me to make some more flyers today for a woman’s leadership course, yey. I made the flyers and everything and she said asked why they were so big.

At that moment, I knew I made a mistake, I made them a poster size and that’s why the files were so big, YIKES. I had to hurry and remake them to send back to her. When I sent them back she noticed a typo, she was annoyed, but she couldn’t get mad at me, I’m not the proof reader. I do notice some typos sometimes, and fix them when I notice, but I don’t sit and read every block of text.

After I fixed the typo and sizes, she asked me to post them on the Facebook page, just like the law and tenant classes. Seems like that’s all I’m doing, making flyers and posting them to the event page, When I first started the internship, I was hoping they keep me, now I’m reconsidering, everything just seems a little redundant, they have a program or course coming up, they need flyers done, I like making the flyers, It’s just I don’t think I want to do this forever.


At work today, I got free coffee. The founder of the company has a coffee maker, but he only has hazelnut, I can take it, but I prefer French vanilla. He’s a tall man and speaks when he wants too. I’ve said “GoodMorning” to him a few times, but no reply (I like to just assume that my voice is too low). The man is busy I can tell, the whole company is busy actually, they got plenty people walking in and out of the suite every day. People coming for different reasons, some making business proposals, and some people trying to get their information and paperwork set up. Although the time sheets and paperwork says I’m interning for Caribbean American Weekly, it should just say The New American Chamber of Commerce.

I’ve been making flyers and posting to Facebook for the Chamber of Commerce, not the newspaper company. I made some flyers for some Law and Tenant classes and then I posted the events and flyers on the Chamber’s page.


Remember how I said I liked my boss? I still do! I asked her for the day after my birthday off and she was completely fine with it. I came back to work and she gave me a carrot cake. I’m not too crazy about carrot cake, but wow it was actually good. I was and still am thankful for the nice gesture; I know everyone doesn’t get the same treatments.

The work she gave me today was wack! I had to make phone calls about an expo the company was having, but it was to over 250 people. This assignment took me 2 days, she gave me a script to say and by the 30th person I was tired of saying it. I never had to make so many calls in my life! She basically wanted me to invite people, who’ve received their Paralegal Certificate from the company, to their business expo. A lot of numbers were out of service, a lot didn’t answer and a lot was not interested. One lady even hung up on me, I was OVER IT! At the end, I gave her the list of contacts with maybe 3 solid people who seemed interested.


So, my supervisor was going over all the little ads and said I could squeeze some more information in the ads.  I thought I did well rationalizing, but I guess not. I sent Anvhar web ads for 4 different courses, but somehow my supervisor only got 2. At first, I was nervously thinking she might be mad, but she was calm about it, she just said she’ll ask for them again.  I knew I did my work, but when working as a team sometimes everyone is held accountable.

Honestly, I like my boss a lot; she’s very nice and has a great laugh.  She has a strong accent, and of course I know she’s from the Caribbean (st. Lucia to be exact, I overheard her tell someone she was interviewing). She always asks me how I am doing and tries to have a positive attitude. Being that she is so busy, she doesn’t have time to waste, and you definitely hear it in her voice. She’s beautiful, but a business woman first!


Things at the job are going very well. The office is freezing all the time and I have to bring a sweater.  The building I work in is HUGE. It has elevators on both sides, I get on on the left side (floor1-14) and the other side is 15 to I think 30.  The lobby has a little mini store and they’re kind of expensive; I paid $1.25 for water, like really? The quarter was not needed.  Working in downtown Brooklyn, is just like working in the city, blocks are overly crowded and way too much going on.  Anyways, today at work, my supervisor gave me and 2 other interns a project to do.  We basically had to look at an original add and transfer some information to make them all into internet advertisement sizes. We were given 5 different ad sizes; one of the sizes was so small,  I was scared I might put too much information on it.

In school, we had to learn to decipher what information is really necessary, so I did my best narrowing it down.  I sent the files to Anvhar, the intern in charge of collecting all the files, because that’s what my supervisor advised we do when we’re done.  I hope I did well enough.


Pressure was up today, i was running a little late, but to my surprise, and in my favor, so was my boss. It was only a few minutes late, but still, I want to keep my good presentation up.  When i got inside, i set up my laptop (provided by the company) and started my work from the previous day.  When my boss came in,  she asked if I was okay with going to an event with another worker. I was actually excited and i told her that, I was happy she chose me to go.  The event was at a library in Manhattan and our job was to represent the company.

Me and the other worker, Alex, who’s been working for the company for about a year now,  headed to the library by the good ol MTA train service.  When we got to the library, we was greated by a girl name Islam, who showed us our table. We set up shop , lol. We put up a Chamber of Commerce table cloth, Caribbean American Weekly’s newspapers up, a bunch of flyers ( paralegal courses, certified certificates, notarized paperwork), we had mints, and even a big banner that had to be put up on some sort of tripod-stand.

Overall, the event wasnt a success, not too many people came and the one guy that did sign up, on our “people that are interested” list kept telling me and Alex that he was homeless. That basically was the event and I just ended up collecting all the info of the other vendors who basically do the same thing.


Hey, so it was my second day at work today. The first day was pretty simple, my supervisor just wanted me and the other interns (there is a few being that this place is so busy) to review all the websites from the company.  Caribbean American Weekly, is part of an even bigger company, The New American Chamber of Commerce which is in partnership with the law firm Figeroux and Associates.

I learned that Caribbean American Weekly is all about the bettering of Caribbean people who move to the US,  CAW basically wants to help small businesses get certified and noticed, if it’s something positive. They also give out Paralegal courses, and notarize paperwork. They market themselves and others through their free newspaper which is a number one seller in the NYC area, as well as their radio show.


Wow, So my first Blog post. Forgive me on being late with these, I am a pen/pencil and paper kind of girl, I would of just preferred to hand in a journal, but everything online now, so hey.  This June early July, I’ve been working 7 days a week and determined to finished this internship, let me start with my post, now

Update! its the second and last day of this internship class that we meet in person. Last class on the 4th, I didn’t have a job yet, but luckily with the help of the professor, i got one.  I’ve been applying online for different internships and have been looking through job search engines like Indeed.  To be honest I was a little discouraged, some of the kids in my class already had internships and been working for weeks, I was getting nervous!

After the first class, Professor Nicolaou helped give me and a few other students some internship possibilities. I made a phone call and had an interview the next day. The company name is Caribbean American Weekly.