Remember how I said I liked my boss? I still do! I asked her for the day after my birthday off and she was completely fine with it. I came back to work and she gave me a carrot cake. I’m not too crazy about carrot cake, but wow it was actually good. I was and still am thankful for the nice gesture; I know everyone doesn’t get the same treatments.

The work she gave me today was wack! I had to make phone calls about an expo the company was having, but it was to over 250 people. This assignment took me 2 days, she gave me a script to say and by the 30th person I was tired of saying it. I never had to make so many calls in my life! She basically wanted me to invite people, who’ve received their Paralegal Certificate from the company, to their business expo. A lot of numbers were out of service, a lot didn’t answer and a lot was not interested. One lady even hung up on me, I was OVER IT! At the end, I gave her the list of contacts with maybe 3 solid people who seemed interested.

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