So, my supervisor was going over all the little ads and said I could squeeze some more information in the ads.  I thought I did well rationalizing, but I guess not. I sent Anvhar web ads for 4 different courses, but somehow my supervisor only got 2. At first, I was nervously thinking she might be mad, but she was calm about it, she just said she’ll ask for them again.  I knew I did my work, but when working as a team sometimes everyone is held accountable.

Honestly, I like my boss a lot; she’s very nice and has a great laugh.  She has a strong accent, and of course I know she’s from the Caribbean (st. Lucia to be exact, I overheard her tell someone she was interviewing). She always asks me how I am doing and tries to have a positive attitude. Being that she is so busy, she doesn’t have time to waste, and you definitely hear it in her voice. She’s beautiful, but a business woman first!

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