Today was rough, I’ve been coughing and inside of the office freezing all day! Thank goodness they have one of the big water jugs that dispenses hot and cold, I kept making myself tea. My boss asked me to make some more flyers today for a woman’s leadership course, yey. I made the flyers and everything and she said asked why they were so big.

At that moment, I knew I made a mistake, I made them a poster size and that’s why the files were so big, YIKES. I had to hurry and remake them to send back to her. When I sent them back she noticed a typo, she was annoyed, but she couldn’t get mad at me, I’m not the proof reader. I do notice some typos sometimes, and fix them when I notice, but I don’t sit and read every block of text.

After I fixed the typo and sizes, she asked me to post them on the Facebook page, just like the law and tenant classes. Seems like that’s all I’m doing, making flyers and posting them to the event page, When I first started the internship, I was hoping they keep me, now I’m reconsidering, everything just seems a little redundant, they have a program or course coming up, they need flyers done, I like making the flyers, It’s just I don’t think I want to do this forever.

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