Pressure was up today, i was running a little late, but to my surprise, and in my favor, so was my boss. It was only a few minutes late, but still, I want to keep my good presentation up.  When i got inside, i set up my laptop (provided by the company) and started my work from the previous day.  When my boss came in,  she asked if I was okay with going to an event with another worker. I was actually excited and i told her that, I was happy she chose me to go.  The event was at a library in Manhattan and our job was to represent the company.

Me and the other worker, Alex, who’s been working for the company for about a year now,  headed to the library by the good ol MTA train service.  When we got to the library, we was greated by a girl name Islam, who showed us our table. We set up shop , lol. We put up a Chamber of Commerce table cloth, Caribbean American Weekly’s newspapers up, a bunch of flyers ( paralegal courses, certified certificates, notarized paperwork), we had mints, and even a big banner that had to be put up on some sort of tripod-stand.

Overall, the event wasnt a success, not too many people came and the one guy that did sign up, on our “people that are interested” list kept telling me and Alex that he was homeless. That basically was the event and I just ended up collecting all the info of the other vendors who basically do the same thing.

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