At work today, I got free coffee. The founder of the company has a coffee maker, but he only has hazelnut, I can take it, but I prefer French vanilla. He’s a tall man and speaks when he wants too. I’ve said “GoodMorning” to him a few times, but no reply (I like to just assume that my voice is too low). The man is busy I can tell, the whole company is busy actually, they got plenty people walking in and out of the suite every day. People coming for different reasons, some making business proposals, and some people trying to get their information and paperwork set up. Although the time sheets and paperwork says I’m interning for Caribbean American Weekly, it should just say The New American Chamber of Commerce.

I’ve been making flyers and posting to Facebook for the Chamber of Commerce, not the newspaper company. I made some flyers for some Law and Tenant classes and then I posted the events and flyers on the Chamber’s page.

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