Happy Summer 2023! To celebrate the start of summer, we want to share some of the important work being done by our colleagues across the CUNY system. Below are just a few examples.

  • Concepts in Statistics (School of Professional Studies)
    A replication of the openly-licensed book from the Online Learning Initiative. Concepts in Statistics is an “[i]ntroductory statistics [text] designed for students who may have a weak algebra background.”
  • The CUNY 1969 Project (Baruch College)
    The CUNY 1969 Project was developed over several years and is housed by the Baruch Center for Teaching and Learning. This project started as The CUNY Game, “an open-access gaming pedagogy model about CUNY’s student activist histories.”
  • CUNY Digital History Archive (Graduate Center)
    “The CUNY Digital History Archive is a participatory project, a counter-institutional archive that centers the experiences of students, workers, faculty, community residents, retirees, and alumni. We take an active approach to documenting CUNY history from the ground up, because we believe that today’s students deserve to know the people’s history of the people’s university.”
  • GC Music Teaching Hub (Graduate Center)
    “This is an online space that allows instructors to find and share teaching materials developed for music classrooms at CUNY. In addition to uploaded documents, you can also find a community-generated list of online music teaching resources and a collection of fact sheets for the CUNY campuses at which most graduate instructors teach.” The GC Music Teaching Hub is organized by current and former graduate teaching fellows of the CUNY Graduate Center Music Department. 
  • Marking Gender in Spanish: A Guide for Language Learners (Graduate Center)
    “This open educational resource is created for language learners who want to make independent decisions on the politics over their bodies and identities and determine how they would like to be called while learning Spanish. The material can also serve teachers and professors as a resource to help navigate this challenging topic of our current times. This guide allows the learner to gain a basic understanding of Spanish grammar and its relationship to gender in an independent way. It intends to be not only a resource to decide how you would like to be named but also to understand the complexity of the subject, in relation to Spanish-speaking societies.”
  • Teaming (Baruch College)
    “Our mission in this platform is to facilitate the unlocking of this potential by providing evidence-based resources so that you can successfully engage in teaming: to leverage the diversity of perspectives and experiences in your team, and to do so in an inclusive way. Our hope is to help your team to work together and solve problems that matter, to innovate, and to develop every team member’s skills and thinking to meet the demands of modern, collaborative, and diverse organizations.”

If you have questions about OER or OER programming at City Tech, contact Cailean Cooney, OER Librarian at ccooney@citytech.cuny.edu.

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