New and Noteworthy is the City Tech Library OER Team’s monthly roundup of new and noteworthy open educational resources. We try to include at least one OER relevant to each school at City Tech in every post. At the end of the month, these resources will be compiled and distributed by the library liaison for your department. Please contact us if you know of new or particularly interesting OER to share with our colleagues or would like more information about OER initiatives at City Tech.

Career and Technology Teacher Education


Communication Design

  • Sense-It!: Insights into Multisensory Design, by Lois Frankel, ECampus Ontario (2023). License: CC BY-NC-ND
    “This online book explores multisensory principles for engaged product design, ultimately improving user experiences and emotional responses to product interactions. Each chapter presents a step-by-step discussion of design principles for sensory themes that build toward the final multisensory design chapter.”

Construction Management and Civil Engineering Technology

  • NSCC Communication Skills for Trades, by NSCC, Nova Scotia Community College (2023). License: CC BY
    “Communication Skills is designed to guide college students in developing the vital communication skills that are necessary to succeed in the modern workplace. It is written in the reader-friendly style of a professional email between colleagues.”

Computer Systems Technology


  • World History: Volume 1: to 1500, by Ann Kordas, Ryan Lynch, Brooke Nelson, Julie Tatlock (2023). License: CC BY
    “World History, Volume 1: to 1500 is designed to meet the scope and sequence of a world history course to 1500 offered at both two-year and four-year institutions. Suitable for both majors and non majors World History, Volume 1: to 1500 introduces students to a global perspective of history couched in an engaging narrative. Concepts and assessments help students think critically about the issues they encounter so they can broaden their perspective of global history. A special effort has been made to introduce and juxtapose people’s experiences of history for a rich and nuanced discussion. Primary source material represents the cultures being discussed from a firsthand perspective whenever possible. World History, Volume 1: to 1500 also includes the work of diverse and underrepresented scholars to ensure a full range of perspectives.”


  • Concepts in Statistics, by CUNY School of Professional Studies (2023). License: CC BY-SA.
    What you’ll learn to do: Describe various types of statistical studies and the types of conclusions that are appropriate. In statistical studies, the type of study design used and the details of the design are important in determining what kind of conclusions we may draw from the results. In particular, simply observing an association between two variables – say, smoking and cancer – does not guarantee that one variable causes the other. In this section, we will explore how the details of a study design play a crucial role in determining our ability to establish evidence of causation.”


  • Leading Change in Health Systems: Strategies for RN-BSN Students, by Kathy Andresen and Charli Swanson (2023). License: CC BY
    “Leading Change in Health Systems: Strategies for RN-BSN Students is designed for practicing nurses pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This book is focused on building upon previous knowledge, skills and attitudes Registered Nurses (RNs) related to leadership in healthcare systems. Readers will be able to apply the theoretical knowledge gained from this course in their clinical practice environment.”

  • Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual for Nursing and Allied Health, by Aylin Marz, Ganesan Kamatchi, and Joseph D’Silva (2020, updated 2023). License: CC BY
    A manual for an undergraduate-level Anatomy and Physiology course; chapter topics include The Integumentary System, Bone Tissue and the Skeletal System, The Cardiovascular System: Blood, and more. 

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