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English 1151


is that the article included photos of fashion and hats that are fashionable. I am into fashion design and that’s why I choose to write about this article. The hat reminds me of fashion hats that are created custom. Fashion is a form of expression allowing the artist to show their creativity. The article mentioned a writing strategy that would be useful to include an Interview. That makes the article more interesting and creative.

Week 9: Lewis Raven Wallace on “Journalistic Objectivity” and your OpEd Assignment. Post Due: Wed., Nov. 3rd

In a paragraph, respond to one point Wallace makes in his writing that you found interesting and important. Alternately, give a current example that speaks to the danger of journalists being too neutral or a story that isn’t being covered but should be.


What I found interesting about Wallace’s writing was how he typed down numbers to label his explanation.  Label in numbers he talked about the important key point when it comes to being a journalist and that includes journalists fighting back and about journalists should tell the truth and check facts before publishing their article. I stand for what Wallace believes in as a journalist and he said that targeting people is not a natural thing. For example, one of his quotes explains about telling the truth when journalists write about someone else’s stories, and he said, ” In other words, we can check our facts, tell the truth, and hold the line without pretending there is no ethical basis to the work that we do.” One of the current examples that explain the dangers of journalists being too neutral was that some journalists can’t be neutral at all. Furthermore, Wallace explains that being neutral isn’t for every journalist and he would know because he, himself is transgender. Coming out as a transgender isn’t easy and Wallace did keep quiet and that includes another journalist who is minorities who fear racism and discrimination.  Wallace continues to say that reporting can no longer remain neutral because many of the journalists who’ve told the truth in key historical moments have been outliers and members of an opposition.

Are the Dangers of Social Media Real?

Maria Ressa is the CEO of Rappler and is a journalist herself. During this interview, she discusses how she wants to fight for freedom for the Philippines where she was born. But has a fear that the social media platform of Facebook might lead its audience to the wrong aspect during the Philippines presidential election. Mostly the American platforms play an important role. She also expresses how especially Facebook can lead its audience to spread lies, anger, and hate.

Herself being a journalist she understands the role of spreading information, finding the truth, and protecting the people’s rights. Ressa does not understand how the role of a journalist can at some times be challenging and she states “It is more dangerous, it requires more sacrifices, just to do what journalists have always done.”


I do believe that every day more and more people get the hang of social media and with this technology that everyone is learning and using the platform of Facebook and I think Instagram also is an important social media regarding appearances which is also a big impact on its audience.

Instagram social media is all about appearances, having a perfect body, skin and etc. I am a user of this platform and all of these filters and women but also including men can get to be so perfect with no worries in their life when behind the phone it is another reality that they don’t show. This can affect their followers as to what that person is representing. such as how Facebook can state/publish misleading information and it has a very big audience that they can control. So I do think that social media is dangerous to anyone.



Are the Dangers of Social Media Real?

Social Media can both impact a community, the world, or even itself.

In this case, Maria Ressa a 58-year-old is pending a cyber libel case. In the interview, she expresses how social media companies are a big role when it comes to spreading the news. Ressa was concerned about the misinformation of her country the Philippines during the presidential election and how the algorithm of the American companies will mislead the world with incorrect information.

Yes, she is the CEO of Rappler and now is pending for the 6 years given for the cyber libel. Being a journalist is having the chance to discover the truth,  spread the word about misleading information and what is going on in the world that many do not see. I do think that social media no matter where you are it can affect you very quickly and it can be for a good or bad cause. Ressa states how “It is more dangerous, it requires more sacrifices, just to do what journalists have always done.”

And social media simply can mislead people about political information but now in days, Instagram is another platform that many use for posting perfect pictures making their audience think they have no problems and nice skin, perfect body with no stretch marks, and numerous ways women or even men have no flaws when in reality there is another truth.


Social media has both its ups and downs, just depends on how its audience manages it.

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