Introduction – Violet

Good day, everyone.My name is Violet Tui DCosta. Bangladesh is where I was born and raised. I’ve been in the United States for about three years and I adore living in New York City. Every corner in this city is a favorite to me, and the vibe of this city talks to me. I’m attending summer classes for the first time in my academic career. I am doing my major in  Marketing management and sales and I ended up choosing this major because now I am working in a retail store and I feel like I can convince my customers. Also, I notice my customers also rely on my decisions sometimes. So with this major in the future I am going to finish my bachelor’s degree and so that I already started doing my transfer requirements. Besides my childhood I dreamt of doing a job in a well-known multinational company, therefore, I firmly believe my major will sail me to pursue my dream after my graduation.


  1. Jane Won (Jung)

    Hello Violet. This is my first summer class too! So I am a little nervous but I know we can get through this. It is amazing that customers are relying on you. You are meant to do marketing!

  2. Mark Noonan

    Welcome aboard Violet. I too share a love for all things New York. I co-wrote a ENG1101 Composition Anthology, in fact, entitled “The Place Where We Dwell: Reading and Writing About NYC”

    Prof. Noonan

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