“Or, even if the lovers are a good match, their love might be ruined by war, death, or sickness, so that the affair only lasts an instant. Their time together might be as fleeting as a shadow or as short as a dream, lasting only as long as it takes a lightning bolt to flash across the sky. Before you can say “look,” it’s gone. That’s how intense things like love are quickly destroyed”.

This entire scene breaks my heart because it’s so common even in real life. For example in the Asian culture it is common for family to look at the husband and match their social hierarchy,  pay, and looks. If not matched it’s a  sign of disrespect. If you haven’t given anything else to your parents then you basically owe them marrying a significant other of their choice. Most of the time it is for bragging rights. I’ve had multiple friends break up because they’re parents were never going to be be okay with who they loved. No matter the strength of it. It makes sense how do you disobey the people who gave you most important ( food,water,shelter)? Most  get to flee early and live their lives but in tradition, if you married that is when you may leave the house. Love is scary. It’s an ache that you can’t control  in any circumstances. In this play Heermia is pushing to marry her lover knowing that she’s going against her father.