Weekly Schedule

Tuesday:  Review my Video Lecture and Post Assignments

Wednesday: Office Hours (TBD) (attendance optional)

Monday: Class Open Lab post due by 12 pm (so I can respond before we move on)

***Note: Class begins Friday 5/28

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Grading Breakdown: Posts 1,2,3 (15% each) ;   Assignments 1,2,3 (20%, 20%, 15% )

Week 1: Monday, 5/31 – Friday, 6/4

Welcome and Introduction

READ:  George Orwell “Why I Write”

Ashiley Thomas “My Art, My Voice”   STUDENT ESSAY

Recommended Writing Handbook: On Writing Well


Week 2: Monday, 6/7 – Friday, 6/11

UPLOAD: Unit #1 Assignment

READ: James Baldwin “Letter to My Nephew” (1962) and Ta-Nehisi Coates, “Between the World and Me” (2015)

WATCH: Raoul Peck, I Am Not Your Negro (James Baldwin documentary)


Week 3: Monday, 6/14 – Friday, 6/18  

UPLOAD: Unit #2 Assignment


Week 4: Monday, 6/21 – Friday, 6/25 

Read:  William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1596)

If you prefer, here is a modern text translation of the play. You can read the modern translation next to Shakespeare’s original text.

View: Film adaptation (Midsummer Night’s Dream Part IMND Part II)  This version is the NYC Shakespeare in the Park production (1982).

I also recommend the film version (1968) by the Royal Shakespeare Company on Amazon Prime.


Extra Credit: Read William Shakespeare’s Hamlet (1601) and/or watch the 1948 film version of Hamlet (featuring Lawrence Olivier).

For an excellent modern rendition, I recommend the film starring Mel Gibson (Hamlet).


Week 5: Monday, 6/28 – Thursday, July 1

Post a Response to Midsummer Night’s Dream (FINAL ASSIGNMENT)




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