Farragut Houses Post Visit Reflection

Today, November 2nd, we went to take a final look at the Farragut Houses. Besides our own observations, we had the opportunity to talk to a NYCHA representative. We were able to ask questions and listen to her comments. We were allowed to enter the lobby of one of the buildings.

The lobby had postings with a plethora of activities offered to the children who live in these projects. They were offered karate classes, after school activities, lab tutoring, dancing, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, and lots of other activities.

The site visit was fruitful indeed. We took new pictures and draw new sketches. We were informed by Ms. Cyriaca Decailei, the NYCHA representative that the buildings require lots of repairing. This site visit was overall the most informative of all.

Farragut Houses Pre Site Visit Reflection

Today we visit the Farragut Houses for the last time. We need to pay very close attention to details in order to write a good report. Also, we will take new pictures and draw new sketches. In addition, we will have the opportunity to meet a NYCHA representative. It is a relief to think we meet in an intersection I saw before: Plymouth and Hudson. I hope to see details that I missed in my previous visits. I also hope to learn new things from the NYCHA representative who will be there today. I like asking questions and I expect him to welcome them. I am looking forward to meeting everybody today at 10:00 am.

Brooklyn Public Library Post Visit Reflection


Brooklyn Public Library visit today was very fruitful. Map research appeared easier and faster. I was impressed of the book collection room on the second floor. It was interesting to note that the collection included books older than a hundred years.

Another notable thing was the building itself. It looks majestic. The metal statues in front creates an atmosphere of antiquity. This atmosphere is maintained inside the Collection Room. It was really remarkable to see books published in early eighteen hundreds. I am looking forward to visiting our next objective.

Brooklyn Public Library Previsit Reflection

Most of us chose this class as an elective as we considered it would be a new experience. I like going to new places and learning new thinks. Today’s visit is a new site visit experience since I never went to Brooklyn Public Library before. I hope to find lots of new materials for my project portion, which is focused on demographics. I will leave my house very early because I am not familiar with the neighborhood.

By doing a very brief online research, I learned the building of this institution has a unique construction. Located at 10 Grand Army Plaza, it seems a little bit more difficult to reach that NYPL last week. I am looking forward to seeing my new site report today at 10:00 am.


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