My Strengths

I had the great chance to be educated both in Romania, Europe and here in the United States. Luckily, education in many European countries, including mine, is free and extremely serious. I was taught to take life seriously at a very early age: studying hard was a prerequisite to succeed in life.

I am frequently told that I have a very strong personality and I was never fully aware of this strength before I started working as a charge nurse. Every time it was my turn, charging came out like something natural to me.

I value respect and self-confidence and I know how to exude both. I am cultural oriented and I don’t judge people for their beliefs. Every time I encounter unhealthy practices in my patients, I teach them the healthy way to do it without imposing my criteria, but rather adapting their needs to their own culture in a healthy manner.

I like punctuality at work and I am always on time. I am a good team worker and I know how to act in a crisis situation. It is very important for patients to trust their nurses. I like interacting with patients and I can establish a good report in a very short time.

I believe my strengths are shaped by my family, my professors from all the schools I graduated, and my great passion for literature. I started reading when I was eight and never stopped since then.