My Nursing Philosophy

The nurse has a key position in the patient care. She is the link between the patient, his/ her family or closed ones, and the other health care providers involved in the care of the patient. For this reason, outstanding communication skills are crucial for efficient nursing care. This is essential not only for the nurse to further communicate findings with the health team, but also in the nurse- patient communication process, because the nurse has to be the one who makes the patient feel comfortable to open his heart and talk.

As a Psychiatric Nurse, the most important part of my work is active listening; we need to help people help themselves. Their inner thoughts must be revealed before they make a tragic decision. My nursing philosophy is: be there for them and help, do your best. Go the extra mile, make the extra phone call, and always exude confidence. As a professional who makes the first decisions in other people’s care, the nurse has to be people oriented, compassionate, and caring.

Also, being very well prepared scientifically is a must nowadays, given the rapid technological advancement. Never stop learning; we have to keep up with the new trends in science progress and we must opt for evidence-based practice, so our patients can take advantage of progress. Nurses have to work well in teams; in order to do that one needs to eliminate biases and abstain from being judgmental. An important characteristic for the nurse is to be culture oriented. If a nurse doesn’t understand one’s culture, she cannot care properly for that client; she cannot understand the needs of the client.

Finally, a nurse has to have respect for her clients and allow them to maintain dignity. When people have terminal illnesses or are severely mentally impaired, they need help to maintain their dignity. It is the nurse who can offer this help and it is a great honor for a nurse to care for somebody while helping them to maintain their dignity. That’s why the nurse needs a good understanding of the significance of personalized care as the unique way to create a healing environment.