Brooklyn Public Library Post Visit Reflection


Brooklyn Public Library visit today was very fruitful. Map research appeared easier and faster. I was impressed of the book collection room on the second floor. It was interesting to note that the collection included books older than a hundred years.

Another notable thing was the building itself. It looks majestic. The metal statues in front creates an atmosphere of antiquity. This atmosphere is maintained inside the Collection Room. It was really remarkable to see books published in early eighteen hundreds. I am looking forward to visiting our next objective.

Post visit reflection

Today we went to visit the area where Farragut Houses are located. The neighborhood looked from poor to low middle class. It appeared less conglomerated than expected. The shape of the project buildings looked like they were meant to occupy less space and have more apartment with windows. Poor neighborhoods are known to lack supermarkets. I was glad to notice one nearby. I was surprised to see a wall that was separating the Navy Garden from the street. This creates an unpleasant image to the people living around there. However, there were plenty of green spaces and playgrounds in the projects for children to enjoy. I am looking forward to seeing this neighborhood again, after I do more research about the area and the buildings.