NYPL post visit reflection

Today our class met at New York Public Library in room 215 to visualize a map collection. It was very impressive to learn that the collection includes maps as old as 1776. Although these precious sources of information are a great benefit for historical studies, some of them cannot be digitalized to be accessed online. The librarian informed us that the maps older than 1920 are not and cannot be digitalized.

We were shown map sheets and atlases made from 1776 to nowadays. Most maps we were able to visualize in room 215 were carefully arranged with book marks for us to study our area of interest: Vinegar Hills. One atlas in particular dated 1941 had an introductive word that showed the plan of the City of New York to demolish buildings on Fulton Street.

Today’s visit was very instructive. I was able to learn how to access maps online. I also got a library card today. It was a very easy and fast process. In less than five minutes, I received my card. The librarian guided me in the electronic study of maps and explained me this is a difficult research process. He e-mailed me a link for a quicker access.