Self- analysis

I was exposed to pain and suffering at a young age. I was only fourteen years old when I enrolled in Nursing High School. The very basic Nursing that I learned back then shaped my skills that I can never forget. I was glad to learn that the United States offer nursing education at an academic level. While my Associate Degree helped me to review basic concepts, I had the chance to extend my knowledge during the Baccalaureate degree.

The program at New York City College of Technology is very fruitful. I learned new skills such as performing a head to toe physical assessment that granted a knowledge I would have never had with just an Associate’s Degree. I learned how to value a research source and how to better write a research paper.

I enjoyed being out in the community. The experience in clinics enriched my outpatient setting knowledge. This Program opened a large number of doors for us. It was the key to succeed in any advanced program such as masters and I am very glad I have the opportunity to move on.