Magazine Project & Working with a Supervisor

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One of the things I learned during this internship about working remotely is that often, you are working by yourself whether it be on your morning commute or in the comfort of your own home. More often than not, when I work on a project that my supervisor sends me, I’m often tackling it solo. While I do receive feedback from my supervisor and try to make improvements to each piece by the required deadline, I have never been assigned a project from my supervisor that required me to work collaboratively. However, there is one project I have received where I believe the feedback from my supervisor turned it into a success. 

For this project, I was assigned to make 3 unique and different cover designs for the organization’s official magazine. During my briefing on the project, I was told that this cover would be covering Queen Elizabeth II. This was done shortly after the Queen’s passing and as such, was meant to pay tribute to her and her years of service as England’s monarch. There were a few other interns who were assigned the same project but for all of us, myself included, this project was meant to be completed by ourselves. The only person I had contact with during this project was my supervisor so that I could get feedback on the designs.

Working on these covers, I made sure that each of them was distinct and contained different design elements that showed the Queen’s power and majesty. I experimented with each of them with the first containing the organization’s branding colors, the second being a photocollage and the final one being a strictly black and white cover. In the end, I believe I came up with three unique cover designs that each managed to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth. My supervisor seemed to think so as well as when they received them, they commented on their liking towards my designs.

It wasn’t until weeks later that I would be asked to return to the black and white magazine cover by my supervisor. They had come to me requesting that I make adjustments to the text on the cover highlighting Queen Elizabeth being Britain’s longest serving monarch. I fulfilled their request shortly after and even ended up making minor adjustments to the various headings and subtext accompanying the cover. After sending this new version of the black and white cover to them, they commented on how it was a success and that no further adjustments needed to be made. In the end, this project in both the supervisors’ eyes and my own eyes, was complete.

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